What Clients are Saying

“KESMARC Kentucky is an outstanding facility run by knowledgable professionals. I have sent horses for rehabilitation for an injury and for a general refreshing after a hard circuit. The oxygen therapy, Aquatred and pool combined with exceptional individual care results in happy sound athletes ready to be at the top of their game! After Young Riders last year I sent a great old campaigner to KESMARC Kentucky for “refreshing” and when he returned he not only looked and felt fantastic but my veterinarian said he was 10 years younger!”

- Susan Humes, Trainer, Hunters and Jumpers

“For the past eight years KESMARC KY has become a very valuable part of our program. We have horses that are 7 & 8 years old, still running at the best racetracks across America in part owed to KESMARC KY. What they offer for recovery, refreshing, and healing is something you do not find just anywhere. We are very thankful to have found such a gem in what we call “the spa”. Until you see it you just don’t appreciate the magnitude of their use.”

- Kim Valerio, Racing Manager

“KESMARC KY’s experienced staff has made a positive difference in the outcomes of the horses I have sent. I highly recommend the KESMARC KY facility”

- Dr. Robert Holland, DVM

“The staff and resources at KESMARC Kentucky, have helped me become much more successful in rehabilitating my hunter/jumper patients. My rate of return to competition has greatly increased due to the ability to keep my horses fit while they are healing. I cannot say enough positive things about the job they do for me and my clients.“

- Dr. Melissa Welker, DVM, Steele and Associates Equine Sports Medicine

“KESMARC, in Lexington, KY, has been an integral part of Harvey Clarke’s racing success for the past decade. Our philosophy has always been to address small problems before they become big ones, and the folks at KESMARC KY have the facilities, and more importantly, the expertise, to get the job done. Following rest and healing, horses benefit from a low-impact cardiovascular workout in the swimming pool and Aquatred. In addition, we have also seen undeniable benefits from the hyperbaric chamber. Getting this game right is not easy, but you can rest easy when your horse is in the hands of the folks at KESMARC in Lexington.”

- Steve Shahinian, Racing Manager

”I believe, I believe, I believe!”

- Ed Telle, Owner of Big Bad John (Winner of the Little Brown Jug)

“Having a mare with a very poor prognosis return as a viable athlete is only one of the benefits KESMARC KY has provided. My safety, as well as my horse’s, were taken care of by this great rehabilitation program. I got back a healthy horse, ready to train and ride safely. Thanks KESMARC KY!”

- Theresa Shaffer, Horse Owner

“So glad I found KESMARC KY! We have sent two horses to Kirsten and her wonderful staff. One was rehabbing after an injury, and the other just adding conditioning over the winter. Both horses came back in awesome condition, ears up and happy! The staff is fabulous; knowledgeable and caring. The facility is amazing! With the pool, Aquatred, vibrating platform, hyperbaric chamber, and access to all the local vet clinics, I can’t imagine NOT making use of their services! My horses love it, and I love what it is doing for them! Thanks Kirsten!”

- Sterling D. B. Graburn, Competitive Driving USA Singles Champion

“I am so thankful I became aware of what the staff at KESMARC KY has to offer equine athletes, post-injury. They monitor the entire horse while employing the use of hydrotherapy, hyperbarics, and the latest in therapeutic modalities to maximize healing. Owners and trainers of equine athletes in need of rehabilitation are sure to experience a new realm of possibilities at KESMARC KY.”

- Brooke Doss, Trainer, Dressage

“KESMARC KY has set the gold standard for excellence and leadership in equine rehabilitation and hyperbarics.”

- Dr. Fairfield T. Bain, DVM, Dipl, ACVIM, ACVP, ACVECC, MBA

“We believe swimming and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an important part of our endurance conditioning and recovery program. We are able to build cardio strength through swimming to get the horses ready to cover long distances at speed without wear and tear on their joints. The oxygen therapy helps them recover from competitions without inflammation and return to their workouts sooner.”

  • Juniper and Deborah have each logged more than 1,000 miles in competition.
  • Juniper, an 8 year old Arabian mare, has completed all of her 100 mile races and has won 5 races, 6 Best Condition Awards, and 13 Top 10 finishes.
  • Deborah completed her fastest 100 mile race in 8:17 and has won 12 Top 10 Finishes.

- Deborah Reich, Endurance Rider World Equestrian Games

“Trying to get a horse fit for a CCI Three Day Event is difficult. When I added KESMARC Kentucky into his program, two and three times each week, it made a drastic improvement… Soon after, I tried HBOT post event to help his recovery. It was amazing… One of the other most noticeable changes was that he started eating like he had never done before; generally after an event he would go off his feed for a week or so. The professionalism and attitude of the people we encountered at KESMARC Kentucky was outstanding. They did everything possible to care for the horse and meet our needs and schedules.”

- Peter Atkins, Three Day Eventing

“After a hard campaign qualifying and competing and Hertogenbock, Holland, I sent my horse to KESMARC KY for recovery. I got him back feeling better than ever. I can’t say enough about the care and professionalism of KESMARC, KY”

- Francie Steinwedell-Carvin, Top Jumper Rider

“Kesmarc Kentucky is my first choice for any of my equine injuries , rehab or even just conditioning. I could not have ask for any better results from a ligament issue on my 4yo QH. He is back to showing condition with a bigger and better stride . I can not thank the staff at Kesmarc Kentucky enough for care , love and hard work they gave to my boy Noah. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants their horse to be all it can be.”

- Vicki Kern – Wildwood Farm, Ohio