Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

KESMARC KY has been a pioneer in Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for more than 12 years, paving the way with protocols and results from 14,000+ treatments. Adequate oxygen supply to body tissues is a basic requirement for healing. HBOT is the only medical technology that can drastically increase tissue oxygen levels. Within the controlled environment of the hyperbaric chamber and under supervision by a certified operator, horses are exposed to increased oxygen levels at above atmospheric pressure, thereby drastically increasing blood plasma and tissue oxygen levels.

“HBOT is a highly effective therapy, both when utilized as an adjunct with other medications and when used on its own. HBOT has indications for both acute and chronic conditions. Early use of HBOT after an acute injury improves outcomes and shortens the time required for adequate healing. Use of HBOT for chronic conditions decreases inflammation and increases blood-flow to areas that have had long term problems.

HBOT is also highly effective as an athletic recovery tool; it has successfully been used in multiple disciplines: endurance, standardbred racing, thoroughbred racing, and three-day eventing. HBOT decreases inflammation after a work, race, or training so that your horse can bounce back and return to function more efficiently.

Other benefits of this non-invasive treatment include: stimulate the immune system, decrease buildup of scar-tissue, and increase stem cell production up to eight-fold.

Highly Trained Staff

KESMARC KY has the most experienced staff in Equine Hyperbarics. Certified technologists in veterinary hyperbarics, trained in hyperbaric safety, and proven protocols are what set the KESMARC KY HBOT program apart.


• Recovery
• Respiratory disorders (EIPH/Bleeders)
• Infections
• Non-healing wounds
• Acute nerve trauma
• Post-injection reactions
• Reproductive issues
• Laminitis
• Birth asphyxia (dummy foals)
• Thrombosis
• Gastric ulcers
• Colitis
• Rhabdomyolysis (tying-up)
• Pre- and Post-stem cell and PRP therapy
• Tissue necrosis due to snake or spider bites
• Post-surgical recovery (colic, orthopedic, and respiratory surgeries)
• Traumatic injury resulting in soft-tissue inflammation

Our Chamber

Manufactured by the only U.S.-based veterinary hyperbaric chamber company and worldwide industry leader Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen, the KESMARC KY hyperbaric chamber is a roomy ten feet in diameter and built to the latest safety specifications.

For More Information

To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the science behind it, please visit Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen.

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